Genome Mining for
natural product development

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What We Do

Scientists use our platform to utilize advanced bioinformatics pipelines for analysis of microbe genome data and identify DNA sequences for genetic engineering. It uses advanced bioinformatics for analysis of microbe genome data to identify DNA sequences for new compound development.

Commercial Applications


Identify novel Biosynthetic Gene Clusters and enzyme for therapeutic compound production.


Identify microbes that have the appropriate profile for biopesticides and fertilizer additives, providing environment and human friendly alternatives to conventional agricultural chemicals.


Replace industrial methods of chemical production by using microbes to achieve sustainability goals.

Genome Mining?

Genome Mining is a strategy that uses genome data for identifying and developing new natural products that can be used for commercial products, typically from organisms such as microbes. A major issues with natural product discovery using conventional screening methods is identifying gene clusters producing products of interest. At GenomeMiner we are developing methods for genome mining, including for the discovery of rare compounds and cryptic BGCs. There is a wealth of data to be obtained, some predict that 99.99% of microbes are yet to be discovered!

GenomeMiner Standard

We provide automated bioinformatics and data management customized for your R&D needs. Our platform can run bioinformatics pipelines for other applications besides natural product discovery.

Our platform features:

  • Technology Agnostic (pacbio, nanopore, illumina..etc)
  • Fully Automated Pipeline Execution
  • Access to High Performance Computing
  • Automated Reporting
  • Data Management
  • Sequence Viewer

Biosecurity Software

Biosecurity and diagnostics is an important responsibility of any organization performing DNA testing, DNA synthesis, or genetic engineering, such as private companies, academic labs, and testing facilities.

BioGuard provides a user-friendly, and secure way to check for pathogenic sequences against a regularly maintained database of pathogen sequences, as well as other options for labs that require customization.

Biological Assets

Our platform is still in development, but we have already started using it to develop commercial assets.

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