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Our Platform

Scientists use our platform to utilize advanced bioinformatics pipelines for analysis of microbe genome data and identify DNA sequences for genetic engineering. It uses advanced bioinformatics for analysis of microbe genome data to identify DNA sequences for new compound development.

We believe the future of humanity lies in synthetic biology. If you feel the same, let’s talk.

Industrial Applications


Identify novel enzymes and Biosynthetic Gene Clusters for therapeutic compound production (antimicrobials, immunosuppressants, painkillers antivirals…etc.)


Identify microbes that have the appropriate profile for biopesticides, fertilizer additives…etc. Providing eco-friendly alternatives to conventional agricultural chemicals.


Replace industrial methods of compound production by using microbes to achieve sustainability goals.

Genome Mining?

Genome Mining is a promising strategy for new compound development. However, many challenges exist. Publicly available genomes are often low-quality and incomplete. The landscape of bioinformatics tools is fragmented, incomplete and requires server setup. Developing new pipelines is costly, requires expertise, and best practices must be established. Even more troubling, publicly available genome mining tools do not sufficiently predict compound production and prioritize candidate Biosynthetic Gene Clusters (BGCs). Finally, it has been predicted that more than 99.99% of microbes are yet to be discovered!

Our Solution

Advanced Bioinformatics

Our platform,, uses advanced bioinformatics for analysis of microbe genome data to identify DNA sequences for new compound development. Our first pipeline automates 21 steps and has 7 QC reporting functions to create hybrid genome assemblies that are high-quality and complete, which is required for genome mining and genetic engineering applications.

Proprietary Data

Our vision is a platform that uses a proprietary database of curated public data, and microbe genomes collected from the sub-tropical environment of Okinawa, to commercialize new high-value products. These products can be manufactured cost-effectively using environmentally friendly fermentation of genetically engineered microbes.

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