Commercial Applications


Identify novel Biosynthetic Gene Clusters and enzyme for therapeutic compound production.


Identify microbes that have the appropriate profile for biopesticides and fertilizer additives, providing environment and human friendly alternatives to conventional agricultural chemicals.


Replace industrial methods of chemical production by using microbes to achieve sustainability goals.

Genome Mining?

Genome Mining is like gold mining. Inside the genomes of organisms is gold, called Biosynthetic Gene Clusters (BGCs), that are responsible for the production of secondary metabolites (chemical compounds), which can be used for commercial products.

Major challenges with natural product discovery using conventional screening methods is avoiding false positives from known compounds, and identifying novel gene clusters producing products of interest. At GenomeMiner we are developing methods for the discovery of rare compounds and cryptic BGCs. There is a wealth of data to be obtained, some predict that 99.99% of microbes are yet to be discovered!

Our Asset Pipeline

We have multiple assets in development, the most mature being our biopesticide candidates.