R&D Experiments

Scale up human data collection of patient or tumor samples

Microbe Analysis

Run standard tools and develop pipelines for microbe analysis and genetic engineering.


Analyze data to design new experiments.

GenomeMiner Platform

We provide automated bioinformatics and data management customized for your R&D needs. Our platform can run bioinformatics pipelines for other applications besides natural product discovery.

Our platform features:

  • Technology Agnostic (pacbio, nanopore, illumina..etc)
  • Fully Automated Pipeline Execution
  • Access to High Performance Computing
  • Automated Reporting
  • Data Management
  • Sequence Viewer

Biosecurity Software

Biosecurity and diagnostics is an important responsibility of any organization performing DNA testing, DNA synthesis, or genetic engineering, such as private companies, academic labs, and testing facilities.

BioGuard provides a user-friendly, and secure way to check for pathogenic sequences against a regularly maintained database of pathogen sequences, as well as other options for labs that require customization.

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